DigiDems Organizer

United States


DigiDems will positively impact Democratic outcomes in the 2018 election cycle and will help establish the next generation of campaign organizers and tech developers. We will work with federal campaigns across the country to implement best practices in the tech space, optimize platforms and opportunities, and utilize resources fully.

As a DigiDems Organizer you will be trained on the latest in Campaign Technology and then placed into a campaign or organization focused on key races to help them execute and win. Become a key part of a tight-knit, hardworking team of amazing people around the country working collectively to win many races for Democrats.

You will have the opportunity to learn and contribute to fundamental aspects of the campaign, beyond technology. This is an immediate opportunity to develop career-making skills, gain contacts in politics and technology and have a positive impact on the world.

This position will run until the end of November (post midterms). Training will be held for 2 days prior to your placement into a campaign. The location of your campaign will be based on need and priority (we will cover your travel). Must be passionate about the Democratic agenda and willing to; roll up your sleeves, be adventurous, work long hours, become a traveler and temporarily relocate (we will help here as well) to support your campaign or organization.

Temporary Employment:

This position is classified as full-time temporary employment. It will end on Nov 30, 2018, after the mid-term elections.



Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

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